My 800 million dollar career mistake

21 May

I’ve often joked that “you’re known by the company you keep. This powerful article illustrates that by correctly identifying those things that link people together, you can make powerful career game-changing market shifts in your business. 

“What I’ve come to understand is that mastering just how connected systems work is going to mark success and failure in the future. It already is. You and I look at an empty car seat and think: Car seat. Travis Kalanick looks at it and thinks: Uber. Or: Analysts look at Donald Trump and think “No chance.” They don’t see his 5 million Twitter followers. To look at anything and see the latent power of connection—this is a skill that can absolutely be learned. But it also means knowing that you have to ask and answer one question in any situation: What connections are at play here?”

God’s love and gay marriage: my perspective

27 Jun

Perhaps you’ve noticed while millions of posts on Facebook and millions of tweets on Twitter have been made about gay marriage, I’ve been silent up until now. 

Here’s my perspective: God created mankind for fellowship with Him. But He also gave us free wills, and therefor a choice. We can do our own thing, freely. And that can last this lifetime. 
But there is an eternity, and another choice He gave us – to accept His love, and enter into an eternal love relationship with Him. It’s not unconditional. It comes with the understanding that we have all fallen short of His standards (we’ve sinned,) and that to we need to forsake those things in our lives we have made more important than Him. If He is really God, then he’s worthy of the #1 slot in our lives. 

God loved me so much He died in my place and forgave my sin. His only caveat was that I accept that gift of eternal life. And I did. It transformed me. My heart is now full of His love, a love far more encompassing than anything I could bring about on my own. I will use that love as He does – to love all people unconditionally, by whatever title they choose to call themselves. I’ll never find a perfect human, nor one who does not need love. Therefor, my response is, quite simply, I will love. I don’t have to always agree with someone to love them. Part of my love will be to share my desire that they also experience that life-changing love, and get to spend eternity both with me and the source of that love – God. 

Harry Reid admits Obamacare end game

10 Aug

Welcome! A little bit about me

9 Mar

I’ve spent the last 22 years as a benefits consultant to seniors, and am a recognized expert in eldercare issues. I have published hundreds of newspaper, magazine, and online articles and columns, as well as having been a featured guest on talk radio and TV shows across the country. The combination of my professional expertise, life experiences and my strong beliefs as a Christian helps me assist my clients in finding the best solutions to their needs.

I provide health insurance, safe money, long term care, Medicare benefits and life insurance solutions for my clients. I was recognized in 2000 as being one of the Top Five managers nationally by American Republic Insurance, and enjoys mentoring and working with other insurance professionals.

My wife Jan and I celebrated our 30th anniversary this past summer. We are looking forward to the marriage of our son Jonathan this summer. My website is